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Prepaid Reviews:
The Top 20 Prepaids with Ratings and Full Reports
Smaller Prepaids
Smaller Prepaids:
These prepaid services are listed alphabetically with brief details and links. They're listed seperately because they either don't provide services better than the major or non-major prepaids, or because they focus on a limited or specialty subscriber base. We call them "smaller"
based on their subscriber numbers. Some have very low prices.

Prepaid Finder
Prepaid Finder:
If you are looking for a Prepaid that uses a specific network, use this list.  For example, if you want a Prepaid phone that uses the AT&T Network, consult the list of Prepaid carriers that use AT&T.  Also, you can check the list of Prepaids that use more than one network. Find prices and reviews for each Prepaid by clicking on their name. 

Discount Refills
Prepaid Coverage Maps:
In addition to maps that show general coverage for Prepaids that use the same network, we also have specific pages showing coverage for the most popular prepaids.  Visit the Cellular Maps List and look for your favorite carrier, or check the Prepaid Maps page.

Discount Refills
What Happened to Discount Refills?
The business of prepaid refills has become very competitive to the point that it doesn't make sense to stay in business to earn just a few pennies. Many of our partners have left the business and we don't how long the remaining operators can continue.  This what we have done with our own prepaids: We have subscribed to a "cash-back" credit card, some of which rebate 5% on purchases.  Using that card we then sign up for Auto-Refill with our prepaid accounts and still get a discount.  This card is only used for cellular charges and must be paid off each month, but the discount is real and can be used for other wireless payments at a discount as well.

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