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Find the Right Prepaid Wireless in 3 Steps:

1) CHECK THE PRICE: The reason to switch to Prepaid is to save money. Look for the lowest price that includes the features you want. You can go dirt cheap by limiting either the Talk, Texts or Data you don't need. For a comparison of prices for plans with lots of Data, see our Prepaid Price Chart.

2) CHECK THE COVERAGE: You need a Prepaid that serves where you live, work and travel. If your full-price phone works best for you, look for a prepaid that uses the same network. Well lookie here, we've got Prepaid Coverage Maps.

3) CHECK THE FEATURES: Some prepaids specialize in features like roaming outside the US, or FREE International Calls and Texts. Make sure you know what happens when you use up your allotment of Data: Does the service slow down or just stop? If you feel more confident with a major carrier (one of the Big 3), choose one of their prepaids that might give you a bit more confidence if not the lowest price.
You can start by checking our expert's opinion marked "Reviewer's Choice".Reviewer's Choice

Smaller Prepaids
Smaller Prepaids:
These 'secondary' prepaid services are listed alphabetically with brief details and links. They're listed separately because they either don't provide services better than the larger prepaids, or because they focus on a limited or specialty subscriber base. We call them "smaller"
based on their subscriber numbers. Some have very low prices.

Prepaid 5G
Reviewers' Choice
Our expert reviewers give their opinion on the pick of the Prepaids. Each pick has several outstanding features that place them above the others. We explain why that Prepaid was chosen as "The Best". We're not paid for these selections, we just recommend that you include them on your check list because they are the ones we have or would buy.

Prepaid Finder
Prepaid Price Chart
Comparison of the top Prepaid plans showing costs and inclusions. Find the exact plan for you by seeing the lowest-priced option for each carrier. Comparisons are for a single line with Unlimited Talk & Text.  Plans are priced $25 and under with at least 1Gb of Data, and 5G included.

What's New
What's New
Visible (by Verizon) has made a big move by lowering their price to $25 with Taxes and Fees Included! Visible is a high quality prepaid carrier because they offer Unlimited Talk, Text, Data and Hotspot. For the price, their product has more features included than most, if not all, other Prepaids. Read the new Visible Review and celebrate their first appearance on our Prepaid Price Chart. Catch other Prepaid News Updates on our Wireless Noise News Site.

Pros & Cons
Prepaid Pros & Cons
Prepaid is the ultimate way to save on wireless. If you're hesitating making the change, we have the upsides and downsides of switching to Prepaid.

Discount Refills
Prepaid Refills
Make your life easier when you purchase your minutes, texts and data when you need them. Mountain Prepaid Refills are available 24/7. Driving to the store or gas station to buy a prepaid refill is no longer necessary, you can buy your refill here whenever you want. Save time and money by ordering online now, with no extra fees added! When you’re running out of minutes, texts or data, you can get delivery within minutes with a PIN, or with instant refill.

Much thought has been put into which carriers are shown on our list of Prepaids.  The largest Prepaid carriers are obvious: they have millions of customers and provide reliable service.  Other smaller carriers have proven themselves just by staying in business for a long time and how they handle complaints. Others provide a unique product such as "Wi-Fi First", and carriers that appeal to a specific group of users.  To get expert reviews of these prepaid services, read the Mountain Prepaid Reviews.

Auto Refill
Make Prepaid Palatable with Auto-Refill
One of our biggest objections to Prepaid was the cumbersome payment cycle required by prepaid refills. You didn't pay the bill once a month like the electric bill, you paid on an exact payment date or you lost your account value, and your service, if you were one day late.  If you paid too soon, you could lose some of the time you already paid for, increasing your total cost.  These types of payments still exist but now most Prepaid operators offer some form of "Auto-Refill", or "Auto-Pay", where your monthly payment is automatically deducted from a credit card, debit card or checking account.

The upside with Auto-Refill is that it becomes easier to pay than the electric bill because the payment is made without any hassle.  In most cases you get an Text or email that the charge to your card or checking account is being made, but no action is required on your part. It also makes it easy to change features or add-ons to your account. Some carriers don't make it easy to make changes by making you go through a menu of choices.  Additionally, credit cards have expiration dates that can interrupt the Auto-Refill process and you can suddenly find yourself with no wireless service.

Some carriers are better than others in making Auto-Refill consumer-friendly. There are carriers that offer a discount when you sign up for Auto-Refill. In some cases you can enter a backup credit card number or an alternative notification method. Most carriers offer both online and app access to your account. Several will notify you long before there is a problem including an upcoming credit card expiration date. Since Auto-Refill is an automated process, you may want to consider a Prepaid service that includes a convenient way to correct any inevitable problems. Our advice sometimes includes backing away and allowing for the fact that something will cause your account to be charged a slightly different amount, and it may be less trouble to grin and bear it than pressing the issue to get back a few dollars.

One caution about Auto-Pay is that if you change to a more expensive plan, Auto-Pay may not cover that increase.  You may lose service until the shortage has been paid up. Make it a point to pay any extra charges at the time of the upgrade, you will be properly credited at the next payment.

5G Prepaid
5G Prepaid Wireless
Almost every Prepaid carrier offers 5G coverage based on the availability of 5G on the underlying network. If you want 5G service, you must have a 5G-compatible phone. 5G is also available when you Bring Your Own 5G Phone.

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Helpful Prepaid Links





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