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The largest Prepaids not affiliated with the major carriers. Listed Alphabetically
Prepaids from the Major Carriers
About Our Reviews: These reviews are mostly data from the wireless carriers themselves. We include a certain amount of opinion from our wireless experts to further distinguish among prepaid services, for which we receive no compensation. We also have an affiliate relationship with all of these carriers but two, and if you click on their site and make a purchase we may receive a commission.

Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)

Independently Operated
■ Network: Various
America Movil operates the largest number of Prepaids in the US under several different names including Tracfone, Straight Talk, Total Wireless and others.  Each of their Prepaids concentrate on a specific type of coverage or customer. Customer Service is average. America Movil has agreed to sell its Prepaid products to Verizon Wireless which should happen in the middle of 2021. Compare the various products on our America Movil page.

■ Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)
Operated by Dish Wireless
Network: Sprint and T-Mobile, then Dish's own 5G network.
Boost gives you a unique choice of plans and good nationwide coverage. Boost phones use the combined Sprint and T-Mobile networks. Customers will transition to the additional coverage of the new T-Mobile network, but will eventually operate on Dish's own 5G network, if any.  Their Unlimited plan is a great alternative to those from the other carriers at a good price, including automatic price reductions the longer you remain a Boost customer. Boost Mobile was sold to Dish Wireless as part of the T-Mobile acquisition of Sprint.

Consumer Cellular
Our Rating:
(4 Out of 4 Stars)

Independently Operated
■ Network: AT&T and others.
Consumer Cellular provides easy-to-use phones, no-contract plans and free or low-cost handsets. Coverage includes the AT&T network and some roaming partners. Plan prices are reasonable and are available for Talk, Text and Data. You can bring your own AT&T or Unlocked GSM phone. Customer Service is better than average. AARP and AAA members can get additional discounts.

Google Fi
Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)

■ Independently Operated
■ Network: T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular and foreign carriers.
Project Fi offers a new approach to wireless service. Your phone will determine the best connection to make a call or access the Internet. Their plan involves a $20 monthly fee and another charge for broadband access. You are then credited each month for unused data usage. In addition to Unlimited Calls and Text as well as low-cost international calls, you have access in over 120 foreign countries. The service works with only a limited number of phone models. Establishing a Google Fi account also automatically replaces your Google Voice account.
Google Fi Coverage Maps

Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)

■ Operated by America Movil
■ Networks: AT&T and others.
NET10 has very good coverage with no extra charges for Roaming or Long Distance. You can get Local numbers and coverage almost anywhere in the US. NET10 uses the top cellular networks available. They can also automatically refill your account monthly. Net 10 also has a no contract Unlimited plan and a "Bring-Your-Own-Phone" plan. NET10 is nearly identical to its sister service, StraightTalk, but differs by being available at retailers other than Walmart and that plans are available at different data caps and price levels, especially for "family" plans. NET10, like all America Movil companies, charges local sales tax. Net10 will be acquired by Verizon Wireless, closing in mid-2021. After that time, Net10 subscribers who are not using the Verizon network will transition to the Verizon Wireless infrastructure.
Discount Refills for NET10

page plus Cellular
Our Rating:
(4 Out of 4 Stars)

■ Operated by America Movil
Network: Verizon Wireless and others.
Page Plus is a great choice to convert your existing CDMA phone to Pay As You Go. They offer great rates and you are charged for their various features only when you use them. Refills start at only $10 for 100 minutes and they have an inexpensive Unlimited plan. They can refill your minutes automatically, although their "auto-fill" function is not 100% reliable. You get access to the entire Verizon Wireless network in the country with off-network roaming available for an additional charge, including roaming in Mexico. Their normal refill period is good for 120 days and at the $80 level, refills are good for a whole year. Unlike other Prepaid carriers, Page Plus Auto-Refill occurs on the same date each month, not each 30 days, a small but significant advantage. Also, Page Plus phones will roam off the Home network as long as you have a cash balance in your Page Plus account. Page Plus, like all America Movil companies, charges local sales tax. Page Plus will be acquired by Verizon Wireless, closing in mid-2021.

Rebublic Wireless
Our Rating:

(2 Out of 4 Stars)

■ Independently Operated
■ Network: T-Mobile, Sprint and Wi-Fi.
Republic has evolved from a 'Wi-Fi first' service to a value-based prepaid service. Republic Wireless currently uses the former Sprint network and parts of the T-Mobile network. Republic has agreed to be acquired by Dish Wireless which will yield a variety of changes including eventually using the new, all-5G Dish Wireless network.
Online Deals for Republic Wireless

Our Rating:
(4 Out of 4 Stars)
Operated by: America Movil
Network: T-Mobile in the US, plus foreign roaming partners
Simple Mobile phones are confined mostly to the T-Mobile network and give you lower rates in return for more restricted network access, including during congestion, Simple Mobile customers may notice reduced speeds vs. T-Mobile customers. Simple Mobile plans allow FREE calling to 69 other countries and a credit of $10 or $20 per month to call 100 more. FREE international roaming is included to 16 Latin America countries including Mexico. The name "SIM-PLE" originated as a "SIM-only" service, but now they offer several Simple Mobile-branded phones. You are still invited to bring your own unlocked or T-Mobile-compatible GSM phone and they'll send you a SIM card to start service. SIM are also available at many retailers for as little as $1. Data is indeed "Unlimited" but it is slowed to 2G speeds after your monthly allotment is depleted.  All plans have Unlimited Calls and Texts. Watch for substantial promotional prices especially for Auto-Refill. Simple Mobile will be acquired by Verizon Wireless, closing in mid-2021. After that time, Simple Mobile subscribers will transition to the Verizon Wireless network.

Our Rating:
(4 Out of 4 Stars)

Operated by America Movil
Network:  AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and others.
Straight Talk offers monthly prepaid plans that start at $30 for 1,000 minutes of Talk and Text without a contract. Their Unlimited Talk, Text, Picture Messaging, Web browsing and 411 plan is $45 per month. You can set up to automatically refill your account. Each phone model they sell specifically uses one of the national wireless networks with no off-network roaming. You should check coverage to make sure a certain phone model covers where you travel, the model they offer you is based on where you sign up for service. They sell a number of phones including Smart phones, some of which are expensive, but you can save with reconditioned phones.

They also offer a "Bring Your Own Phone" plan both for GSM and CDMA phones. Unlike the phones noted above, the Bring Your Own Phone GSM plan allows your phone to use different GSM networks. CDMA phones are still limited to one network.

Straight Talk Customer Service leaves some to be desired, but not enough to lower them from the top of the ratings. If something goes wrong you might be smart to just leave things alone...or start from scratch. The savings are usually worth it. StraightTalk, like all America Movil companies charges local sales tax.
Straight Talk will be acquired by Verizon Wireless, closing in mid-2021.

This is one of the few places where you can buy Straight Talk Online, and with Free Shipping. Straight Talk is an America Movil Network.
Straight Talk Coverage Maps

Our Rating:

(3 Out of 4 Stars)
Operated by: Independent
Network: T-Mobile
Tello has risen among the prepaid carriers as a low-price leader. Their plans start as low as $5 and plans with data can be less than $10.  While they encourage you to bring your own phone, there is a limit of the type of phones that are compatible. They now use the entire T-Mobile network including their 5G Coverage with a compatible phone.  They offer Pay As You Go rates and calls to Canada and Mexico are included.
Check for Tello's Current Promotions

Total Wireless
Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)

■ Operated by America Movil
■ Network: Verizon Wireless and some roaming partners.
Total Wireless was created to be sold with limited retail distribution but is available online. Coverage is limited to the Verizon Wireless network and not their roaming partners. You can get Unlimited Talk & Text plans starting at $25 and a large amount of Data for about $10 more. Total Wireless is supported by America Movil and, like all America Movil  products, sales tax and local fees are added. If you live and travel within Verizon's wireless network, Total Wireless can be a good value if you. Total Wireless will be acquired by Verizon Wireless, closing in mid-2021.
Total Wireless is Available Online!

■ Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)

Operated by America Movil
Network: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and others.
TracFone is the largest prepaid cellular company in the US and arrange for their phones to use whichever wireless carrier is available in a given geographic area. As a result, TracFone actually has more included roaming coverage available than perhaps any other single company, especially prepaid. Their price points start below $9 a month and offer all the advantages of prepaid services. They feature monthly plans and offer promotions with bonus minutes, and plans with 365-day expiration. You are limited to only the phones they sell and they only offer a few models.

They offer the option of having the charges deducted from your credit card or checking account automatically, eliminating the need to renew an exact expiration date. TracFone offers Free international calls to about 60 countries by calling a special access number, and with their International Neighbors features, they can provide a local number in Mexico or Canada for incoming calls from those countries at local rates for both callers. Tracfone's customer service is fairly easy to access, however, their agents have a wide variety of experience. It may take multiple calls to solve a problem. TracFone, like all America Movil companies, charges local sales tax.
TracFone will be acquired by Verizon Wireless, closing in mid-2021. After that time, Net10 subscribers who are not using the Verizon network will transition to the Verizon Wireless infrastructure.

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