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Our Prepaid List
The comprehensive list of Prepaids from which we choose the BEST OF Prepaids.

  • AIRVOICE WIRELESS - Uses the AT&T Network
  • AT&T PREPAID - AT&T Prepaid gives you all the benefits of the entire national AT&T wireless network.
  • BLACK WIRELESS - Uses the AT&T network
  • BOOM! MOBILE - Uses AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon depending on plan
  • BOSS WIRELESS - Plans start at $5! Uses the T-Mobile network
  • BOOST MOBILEBoost Mobile is operated by Dish Wireless and offers good nationwide coverage on one of 3 networks.
  • CONSUMER CELLULARConsumer Cellular has better than average customer service. AARP and AAA members get up to 5% discounts.
  • CREDO MOBILE - Socially conscious service. Uses Verizon network or T-Mobile for BYOD
  • CRICKET WIRELESS Our most popular Prepaid giving you all of AT&T's features at a much lower price.     
  • FREEDOMPOP - Plans starting at FREE. Uses the T-Mobile network and also has 'normal' plans starting at $15.
  • GEN MOBILE - Offers a low-priced alternative to Boost Mobile, one of our favorite prepaids. Gen Mobile is owned by Dish Wireless and plans start at $10 for Unlimited Talk & Text with 1 Gb of Data with additional savings for 3-month refills.
  • GOOGLE FI  - Your Google Fi phone determines the best connection to make a call or access the Internet. You are credited each month for unused data. Get low-cost international calls and the ability to use your phone in over 120 foreign countries.
  • GOSMART MOBILEGoSmart plans are limited to 3G speeds and will be discontinued in the near future.
  • H2O WIRELESS - You get a choice of the AT&T or Verizon networks. They support eSIM and International Talk & Text options. 
  • HELLO MOBILE - Low-priced carrier that uses the T-Mobile network.
  • JITTERBUG - Phones, plans and services specially designed for seniors, uses Verizon and other smaller roaming partners.
  • JOLT MOBILE - Uses the T-Mobile network.
  • KROGER WIRELESS - Kroger Wireless is a good choice if you shop at Kroger-related stores.
  • LIBERTY WIRELESS  - Uses the T-Mobile network.
  • LYCAMOBILE - Uses the T-Mobile network in the US, specializing in international long distance calls and foreign roaming.
  • LIVELY - Phones, plans and devices designed for the benefit for seniors including and all-in-one medical alert device that works anywhere at the touch of a button.
  • METRO BY T-MOBILE - Metro by T-Mobile is an alternative to T-Mobile's own prepaid at a lower price including roaming in Mexico and Canada.
  • MINT MOBILE - Saves you money with plans that are 3 months or longer on the T-Mobile network who is buying Mint.
  • MOBILE X - Uses Verizon's network and tries to predict your usage so you'll only pay for what they think you'll use. 
  • NET 10 - Net10 has been discontinued.
  • PAGE PLUS - Page Plus has been acquired by Verizon and is expected to be discontinued in the near future. Their plans do not include 5G coverage.
  • PURE TALK USA - Uses the AT&T Network. Plans start at $20 for 3Gb Data + Hotspot and promotions are available.
  • RED POCKET - Red Pocket offers you a choice of the big 3 wireless networks with FREE international calls, Mexico and Canada roaming, and live customer service.
  • SELECTEL WIRELESS -  Provides many products using the Verizon Wireless network 
  • SIMPLE MOBILE - Simple Mobile plans allow FREE calling to 69 other countries and FREE international roaming is included to 16 Latin America countries including Mexico.
  • STRAIGHT TALK Priced a bit above average but they offer Hot Spots and Wireless Home Phone Systems and membership in Walmart +.
  • TELLO  - Tello is a low-price leader. Their plans start as low as $5 and plans with Data are less than $10. They offer Pay As You Go rates, and calls to Canada and Mexico are included.
  • TING MOBILETing Mobile is owned by Dish Wireless and offers several price advantages. Coverage is mostly on the T-Mobile network but newer phones may access the AT&T and Dish Wireless networks.
  • T-MOBILE PREPAID    - Their 30-day "Connect" plans with Data start at $10/month for 1,000 Talk minutes, 1,000 Texts and 1Gb of Data. Data is "capped".
  • TOTAL BY VERIZON - Get the benefits of the Verizon network at a lower price.
  • TRACFONE - TracFone has been one of the most popular prepaids in the country and offers a wide variety of payment options.
  • TWIGBY - Twigby has the lowest price for a prepaid on the Verizon network. They have great intro plans that rise to only $15 for Unlimited Talk & Text and 2Gb of Data.
  • ULTRA MOBILE - Ultra Mobile has FREE Wi-Fi Calling and Text, FREE Mobile Hotspot, FREE Unlimited Talk to 80+ International Countries, FREE Global Text and a FREE 3-in-1 SIM Card. T-Mobile has agreed to acquire Ultra Mobile.
  • UNREAL MOBILE - Unlimited plans starting at $10 per month with a 3-month payment using your choice of the AT&T or T-Mobile networks.
  • US MOBILE - US Mobile has low prices, responsive customer service and your choice of 2 networks. Prices start at $5 and you can get International Roaming in over 100 countries.
  • VERIZON PREPAID - All the benefits of the Verizon network without the commitment.
  • VISIBLE - Visible gives you access to the entire Verizon wireless network. Visible has plans that include Unlimited Talk, Text and Data and some valuable extra features.
  • WALMART FAMILY MOBILE - Walmart Family Mobile has been acquired by Verizon but there's no clear future for Walmart Mobile.
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