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Reviews: Regional Prepaids
There are many independent cellular services operating in limited areas of the US that serve local customers, usually as part of a local wireless carrier. Each of these carriers also offers nationwide roaming on at least one of the "Big 3" wireless networks. Some offer a great prepaid product, others not so much. The Prepaids listed here serve larger territories. This page is being expanded daily.

Choice Wireless

Choice serves rural and small-town customers in 9 western US states.  They offer mostly National "Unlimited" plans at a fixed price, starting at $20 a month, $30 with some data included. They have excellent coverage, and their plans have a simplified structure that includes a certain amount of US roaming minutes. They have a moderate number of phone models including smartphones and they allow you to bring your own phone from another CDMA carrier. All plans are prepaid so there are no contracts, and they offer monthly, pay-as-you-go and pay-per-day plans, and an Unlimited Data plan. Most areas support 3G broadband and 4G-LTE in the Navajo Nation. They offer wireless Internet devices which could give you the fastest broadband service available in a rural area. Choice supports Free or low-cost LifeLine service. Choice Wireless operates their own network so when you are in your "home" area, you are not using another company's network.

C Spire Prepaid
C Spire has very good coverage on their own network in Mississippi, greater Memphis, parts of Alabama and the Florida panhandle. They have several plans, all of which include Unlimited Talk & Text and nationwide roaming. Some plans are very reasonable for the amount of data they include and some of their features are very creative. Users report very good coverage and like the choice of plans. They offer a good selection of phones including the iPhone, and have good customer service. C Spire claims their 4G - LTE network is the fastest available, even faster than home Internet services, and their 5G coverage is slowly expanding across their service area. They also offer a unique batch of consumer-oriented benefits that help integrate wireless devices, plans and features for both customers and non-customers. They offer LifeLine plans. C Spire is the 5th largest wireless company in the US which gives them the ability to offer a large number of services and devices.

Based in Arizona and surrounding states operating on the Cellular One network. Outside the Four Corners area Naked uses the T-Mobile network.

Offered by West Central Wireless in west Texas with unique 'pick & choose' daily pricing which is quite reasonable.

US Cellular Prepaid
US Cellular, the 4th larger wireless carrier in the US, operates one of our preferred wireless services, but their prepaid plans have some limitations. While Talk and Text is available nationwide, Data is limited to only their own network. They currently offer only monthly prepaid plans instead of pay-as-you-go. There is a good chance you can use your phone across a large area of several states and never need to roam off the US Cellular network. US Cellular Prepaid is a good choice if you live in an area where US Cellular is the only service available.