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The TracFone Networks
Owned & Operated by Verizon

The "TracFone" Networks, the largest family of Prepaids in the US, are operated by Verizon. They control 11 different Prepaid carriers in the US, TracFone being the largest. This list provides links and other useful data, listed alphabetically. The advantage is that with these services you use the same wireless networks as the major carriers at a lower price. The disadvantage is that these carriers will eventually use the Verizon wireless infrastructure exclusively. This could mean coverage, plan and name changes.

GoSmart Mobile
GoSmart  started as a variation of T-Mobile's own Prepaid before their acquisition of MetroPCS. GoSmart was acquired by America Movil in 2016 and now operates more like other Tracfone prepaids. GoSmart offers some very low price points and give you "unlimited" data and will "throttle" your web speed after your allotment.  They have a very limited number of phones available, but they allow you to bring your own phone. Broadband access is limited to 3G downloads but allow 4G-LTE access to Facebook and Messenger. Talk, text and data roaming is available for no extra charge in Mexico and 15 other Latin American countries.

NET10 was originally developed to offer a pure 10 cents a minute wireless experience but has evolved to a network that has a slight benefit toward families.

Page Plus is one of our recommended prepaid services. They use the entire Verizon Wireless network with off-network Voice and Text roaming available at a reasonable per minute rate. America Movil acquired Page Plus in 2014.

Safelink Wireless
Safelink Wireless supplies service to those customers who qualify for LifeLine services, a government-supported telephone program. Plans are Free or at a very low cost. Safelink is only offered in certain states of the US where subsidies are available.

Simple Mobile phones are confined to the T-Mobile network and give you lower rates in return for more restricted network access. The name "SIM-ple" originated with them being a "SIM-only" service, but now they offer several Simple Mobile-branded phones.

Straight Talk
Originally offered as an exclusive product to be sold at Wal-Mart, Straight Talk also offers their phones and service online. They offer single-network phones which allows a choice of one of the national carriers, and a Bring-Your-Own-Phone plan that offers access to multiple networks. Straight Talk also offers Hot Spots and Wireless Home Phone Systems.
    Straight Talk, along with their related prepaid brands, regularly negotiates with all the wireless networks to get the best  price to use their infrastructure.  Depending on your service plan, the carrier you used in a certain location this year may be different than the one you used last year.  Straight Talk's plans are dependant on your phone model and may be limited to just one major network or one technology (CDMA or GSM).  Your phone may also access one of the smaller, regional networks.  In most cases, you won't know which network you are using and coverage won't change appreciably.


  • STRAIGHT TALK Coverage

  • STRAIGHT TALK Online Store

Telcel is the largest wireless service in Mexico and their new US service gives you a Mexico-calling connection with their "Extended Nation" plans. There are several plan levels that include Roaming in Mexico, including a 7-day plan. Coverage in Mexico is mostly on the superior Telcel Mexico network. In the US, Telcel offers all the same characteristics of the Straight Talk network, including a "Bring Your Own Phone" plan that roams nationally on most available GSM networks. Telcel coverage in the US uses the T-Mobile network. They also offer Spanish language customer service and web site.

Total Wireless
Total Wireless was created to be sold at Walmart, like Straight Talk but at different price points, and is limited to the Verizon Wireless network and not the roaming partners available on Straight Talk.

TracFone is the largest Prepaid service in the US and the largest of America Movil's US networks. They have created a network with nationwide coverage using roaming agreements with various carriers.

Verizon Prepaid was never part of the "Tracfone" networks, but now that Verizon owns all the Tracfone carriers, it should be assumed that they all have, or will have, a cooperative realtionship. Verizon Prepaid was never a strong product by itself so there is a chance it could be eliminated in favor of one of the other networks, or it could become the 'catch-all' for any of the other Tracfone carriers that could cease to exist and have their operations and customers switched to Verizon Prepaid.

Walmart Family Mobile
Walmart created their own brand of wireless using the T-Mobile Network. America Movil acquired the Walmart Family Mobile service and now operates it within their TracFone operation. The phones and plans offered are similar to other America Movil products and will continue to be sold at Walmart stores and  While the phones should continue to use the T-Mobile network, America Movil may make adjustments and their maps show coverage available on roaming partners. Their service is competitive with other prepaids and they may be offered at price points that may better fit your usage.

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